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Italian cuisine

Panzanella salad

  • 0 / 10

A real vegetable salad made from seasonal vegetables!

Orecchiette salad with herbs and egg

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A simple and delicious salad with homemade pasta. You can add grainy mustard and wine


Caprese Pie with Pesto and Broccoli

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Greetings to YOU, Cooks & Gourmets! For this competition, I chose a completely non-capricious dish.

Brutti Ma Buoni

  • 0 / 10

This Italian sweet has been known since the Middle Ages. Biscuits were loved by monks

Fish Lasagne

  • 0 / 10

Fish lasagna is a delicious, hearty and rather unusual dinner based on Jamie Oliver's recipe.

Vegetarian lasagna

  • 0 / 10

Bright, filled to the brim with sun, juicy vegetables, viscous mozzarella and spicy herbs. Excellent