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Vinaigrette with horseradish

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Summer, one might say the country version of the vinaigrette with horseradish dressing, with fresh

Summer potato salad

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Traditional potato salads are prepared with mayonnaise, sour cream and mustard dressing, often sausages, sausages,

Wild rice and avocado salad

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Eat this salad and rejoice: it is so tasty and healthy. And you don't need

Mexican guacamole avocado sauce

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Summer fresh, light, bright, piquant and aromatic. And the main thing is simple and fast.

Toast with avocado, cheese and poached egg

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Super healthy and at the same time a hearty breakfast for any day.

Tuna avocado cucumber salad

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Light and tasty salad. Very easy to prepare. All-season. Although cucumbers are tastier in summer.