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Fruit and berry salad

  • Cook Time
    30 minutes
  • Serving
    3 - 4 People
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A bright and delicious salad made from a variety of fruits and berries can be served for breakfast, afternoon tea or dinner for yourself, as well as a dessert for a children's party, and on a festive table for adults.



Step 1

Remove ice cream from the refrigerator in advance so that it melts completely.

Step 2

Tear off white grapes from twigs, wash, dry with a paper towel.

Step 3

Wash the apple, dry it, remove the seed capsule. Cut first into wedges and then into small pieces.

Step 4

Wash and dry the plums. Cut in half lengthwise, remove the bone. Cut the plums into small pieces.

Step 5

Wash and dry the nectarine. Remove the bone, cut into small pieces.

Step 6

Wash and dry dark grapes. Cut in half, remove seeds.

Step 7

Cut the peel from the melon slices, cut the pulp into small pieces.

Step 8

Add rosehip syrup to the melted ice cream, mix.

Step 9

Place all chopped food into a bowl.

Step 10

Add dressing, stir.

Step 11

Put the salad in bowls or bowls and serve. Bon Appetit!


Helpful advice

Any set of fruits and berries can be used to prepare the salad.

Note to the hostess

Natural yogurt or sour cream with sugar or honey is also suitable as a dressing.

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